Reimbursement Scholarships

The purpose of the Professional Development Reimbursement Scholarship is to make available professional development opportunities that might not otherwise be affordable to child care providers who serve Manatee County School Readiness students. The objective of the Professional Development Reimbursement Scholarship is to encourage providers to attend early childhood professional conferences (i.e., Manatee Conference on Young Children, One Goal Summer Conference, FLAEYC, NAEYC, FACCM, etc.), or to attend trainings/workshops/seminars related to the field of early childhood education. 

Manatee County providers that currently serve School Readiness subsidized children are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Applications for this scholarship will be on a first come, first served basis.  The maximum award is $100.00 per early childhood educator per year.

Interested individuals must complete the Application and submit it along with proof of registration or enrollment for an appropriate conference or early childhood training.  Coalition staff will review the application then notify the provider of the status.

If approved, Coalition will issue a pre-approval letter to advise provisional approval for the scholarship reimbursement.  Included with this letter will be a Claim Form and a Reflection Form. To receive reimbursement, awardees must submit proof of payment, proof of attendance, the Claim Form, and complete the Reflection Form within two weeks of the event’s end. Reimbursement will only be issued for registration fees/tuition. The ELC will not reimburse for meals, travel, parking, or incidentals related to the conference or training.  This scholarship is awarded as a reimbursement only.  It will not issue payment prior to completion of the approved event.

If you are interested in our Professional Development Reimbursement Scholarship or have any questions about the program, please call the Early Learning Coalition at (941) 757-2900 extension 260 or submit an electronic request for information.

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