Credential and Transcript Information

The State of Florida defines the minimum pre-service requirements for practitioners entering the early childhood education field. The Department of Child and Families offers a snapshot of the state-mandated minimum training requirements in the links below, along with other child care personnel requirements.

Child Care Facility
Facilities Serving Only School-Age Children
Licensed Family Day Care Home
Large Family Child Care Home
Operator Substitutes
Employee Substitutes
Exemptions from Introductory Training
Competency Exams

The required preservice classes, known as “40 + 5” classes (or “30 + 5” for family child care home providers) are available online through the DCF website for a minimum charge. These classes are also offered as an instructor-led model periodically for a small fee.  All of these require monitored competency exams to complete.  Contact Venise Duchesne at 1-866-470-1905 for more information.

Providers with questions about state-mandated training, educational exemptions, and staff training requirements can contact the DCF Child Care Training Information Center (CCTIC). A team of specialists are available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm (Eastern) to answer questions concerning Florida Child Care Professional Certificates, Director Credentials, and other training concerns. The CCTIC may be reached by phone at (888) 352-2842.

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